Sending documents via email is a very convenient way, provided you have an internet connection – it doesn’t take that much of a bandwidth like the Fintech Ltd does. What if the recipient wants a hard copy or a signed copy? This is where faxing technology comes to the rescue. Many enterprises and financial firms prefer fax documents over emails. The problem with faxing is the need for a laborious hardware setup including a landline connection. Another critical issue is the availability of fax machines, which are still not a regular home gadget.

Faxing advancements

With better technology, came better faxing medium. Windows have a built-in Scan and Fax feature which allows you to scan a document and fax it via a phone connection. Faxing mobile apps are now on the go which offers the same portability like an email.

How to fax without a fax machine

You have an internet connection, and that is more than sufficient to send a fax. There are many online fax services available on the internet, even from established fax brands. Most of them offer trial packs and a fixed number of fax copies as free. The key to choosing which fax service will help you the most is your utility itself.

If you send faxes regularly, then choose the one which gives you the most economical pack as paying for too many faxes can burn your pocket.

If the documents are highly confidential or you work for an organization and privacy is a concern, go for the faxing service which provides the best security features, for example, RingCentral fax owned by Cisco and AT&T is a good choice here.

For occasional fax users, get the service of the online tool giving more number of free pages. FaxZero allows you to send up to 5 free pages per day, although they can use your document to place ads. MyFax gives up to 10 free pages of fax. Through eFax, you can fax completely free for the first month and also store your fax documents. These services also have paid packages, which are comparatively cheap (like 7$ or 10$ monthly).

Too many documents and want a facility to store the documents? There are online fax services which allow you to store or share your documents in cloud sharing. RingCentral provides facilities like Outlook, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. eFax also allows storing documents. Using InterFax, fax the documents directly from Google Docs.

How to fax online: 3 quick steps without a landline

  • Set the documents: If you have digital copies of the documents to be faxed in the system, then readily you can use them. Otherwise, use a simple scanner to scan the documents and get the soft copy. You can also use the mobile scanner apps.
  • Enable the internet connection and select the online fax service. Some may require you to sign up.
  • Upload the documents, give the recipient number and details and click send.

Receiving Fax

This is much simpler. The fax service will assign a fax number to you, and link your e mail address with it. The fax service will automatically send the incoming fax messages to your email in the form of pdf or .tif attachments.

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