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Plasma Displays Pros and Cons


  1. Plasma displays are very thin. They can be mounted in places traditional CRT televisions and monitors cannot.
  2. Color reproduction is excellent.
  3. Contrast is good, although not great.
  4. Plasmas are now manufactured with screen sizes as large as 70″ diagonal
  5. Enhanced resolution display prices rival the prices of rear projection televisions of similar size
  6. High definition resolution (HDTV) displays are much less expensive than LCD flat panels of the same size.
Plasma Displays Pros and Cons


  1. Fragile technology; doesn’t ship well.
  2. Black levels and detail in dark scenes are not as good as CRT or DLP™ powered rear projection televisions.
  3. Dead pixels can be an issue, although quality has improved as the technology has matured.
  4. They are a phosphor-based technology, which means that burn-in of an image can occur, and that the display’s image quality will diminish with time.
  5. Cheaper enhanced definition (EDTV) plasma displays have rather large pixel structures.
  6. Plasma displays are very heavy and usually require wall-strengthening for wall mounting.

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