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Buying the latest windows mobile phone or a state of the art laptop is beyond exciting. A lot of features to explore, a lot additional facilities, allows you to use the orion code in an even more efficient fashion. You love to carry it with you no matter where you go. Life is just so much simpler with your latest gadgets. And then one day you misplace it or worse, it gets stolen. Now what can you do? Sit and brood over it or curse yourself? NO, you can track it down, thanks to new features by windows.

How To Track Down A Lost Device

Here is how you can track that misplaced or lost laptop/ tablet of yours –

Find My Device

This is tracking software added to Windows 10 update in November 2015. This feature enables you to find that lost phone or laptop just like other third party softwares used to. Now, you can use Windows itself and find your device.

Create An Account

The very step to use any of Windows’ features is to create an account on Windows. This accounts will give you access to all the updates on the Windows market.

Sign In

Next step is to sign in to Find MY Device.

You can find this feature by going into Settings> Update and security>Find My Device. If it has not been enabled earlier, you will find a message stating “find my device is off”. Now click on the change button below, to enable the feature to save your device’s location periodically.

Next activate the option to save your device’s location periodically. This will start sending updates about your device’s location to Microsoft, on a regular basis. This will allow you to track down your device even when your laptop is out of power and is turned off as the last used in location would be registered with Microsoft.

Choose A Name

Your laptop will have a default name given to it. You can change it to a more personalized name. This can be done by going to the settings >System> About. Click on the rename your PC option and enter the name you want.

This step is important because one can have multiple devices under one Microsoft account. Giving you PC a unique name will let you identify the device easily, when you are trying to track it when lost.

Track Your Laptop

When you misplace or lose your laptop, don’t panic. Just open a web browser on any device and go to “account.microsoft.com/device. Sign into your Microsoft account under which your lost device is registered. Scroll through the list of devices, if you have one and select the name of the device. You will see details about when and where your system was last seen.

Now click on “find my device” option and see your device getting mapped. If your laptop is being used and is connected to the internet via any means, its location will be updated regularly. However, were it switched off, the last seen location would be provided.

Tip – If you cannot see the latest location, try hitting refresh.

Track Your Phone

Tracking your windows phone also the follow the same steps, but to be done on your phone itself. You will have to sign into the”Track my Phone” option and rest of the steps are all the same.

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