Learn About Rear Projection Televisions

Random access memory, popularly called RAM, is the accessible memory on your computer. If you have ever found that your computer is slow during quantum code trading, it could either be due to the low RAM space or even low space on the hard disk storage. You might have been upgraded to upgrade your RAM. If you have accessed your RAM module, be it during the upgrade or when you custom build your PC, you might have noticed little grey capped things on the module. So what are these and what exactly do they do on your RAM?

Understanding RAM:

To understand those little things on the RAM circuit, you should first understand what a RAM is and its basic functionality. RAM is the fastest memory on the computer. So all your currently open files and data that need rapid access would be in the memory. As long as you have your computer running, all the open files would be on the RAM. When you choose to shut down, the computer sorts out the data to be stored and the ones to be dropped. This is when your data is moved from RAM to HDD.

If you are multitasking, you might have noticed your phone suddenly slowing down. This is because all the applications you leave running in the background and their data would be on the RAM. Depending on the size of your RAM, your computer’s multitasking capacity would also differ. Larger RAM would handle better multitasking capability.

So what are those grey capped things on the RAM?

Those are the capacitors on the RAM module. Any electronic circuit would have few or more capacitors. Basically used to store charges, capacitors are used for a variety of reasons on the electronic circuits. As they have the capacity to store, you might easily predict why they would be needed in a memory module.

Capacitors and their functionality:

Capacitors store charges. How much charge they can store depends on their capacity. There are different types of capacitors used for different applications. You must have noticed the bulky capacitors used in any power supply circuits. When we talk about the capacitors on the RAM module, these tiny ones are SMD- surface mounted devices. Mostly ceramic and tantalum capacitors are available in SMD form. The other types of capacitors come as leaded versions for larger circuits. The capacitance offered for the volume of these capacitors is pretty large.

Capacitors on the RAM:

RAM or any integrated circuit for that matter is a combination of several transistors and capacitors connected in a fashion that meets the circuit functionality. When a capacitor and transistor are combined, it gives a memory cell. Each data bit can be stored on the capacitor and the output in binary form would depend on the charging and discharging of the capacitor. Charged capacitor denotes 1 and discharged denotes 0. The discharge cycle of capacitors is pretty quick. This is why the RAM memory is said to be a volatile memory. It is mainly used to store data temporarily till it can be prepared to be written on a more stable device or memory module.

How do they work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of ownership? Is a rear projection television right for me?

In this section we will demystify the technologies of the rear projection television.

  • How does it work?
  • Pros and cons
  • Is rear projection television right for me?